Down and Out in Margaritaville.

For some reason this song has been sticking in my head for the last few days, especially when i get up for work. It’s kinda driving me crazy, but for some reason i like the damn song. I never did before. I’ll just go ahead and download the damn song from Limewire so i can get rid of it. But enough about that.

This post is about a friend of mine named Tosha-Ree. At least that’s what I’ve called her for years now. Today she was given the bad news about a job she has been promised and has been working towards for over 6 months now. The guy who she has worked for told her he wasn’t going to give her the management job. She’s been working at the restaurant that he owned, and has been fixing up the other one he owns for all this time because she was promised that after the restaurant got started back up she would become the manager. He had all kinds of excuses as to why he renigged on his promise but he also basically stated that her sexual lifestyle and her general appearance were the two biggest deciding factors. While in business he has every right to do what he did, and he is telling the truth about two of his reasons, I still believe he is wrong because he promised her the job, and had been reconfirming the promise for a while. I just got off the phone with her and she is hurting. But since i sensed this bastard was a lying cheat from the start, i won’t tell her that i told her so, i’ll just comfort her. But there is really nothing she can do.

For all of the fact that I am something of a non-conformist myself i have enough sense to know that if you want to rise in the business world you have to conform to what others what in your dress and in some ways your lifestyle. Thats just a fact. Like i said, i am a realist. So I deal with the reality of the issue as best I can. I just hope she learns a lot from this. I know i’ve learned a little. If its too good to be true then it probably is.


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