Calling all black naturists…

Oh well…holler back when ya can. I won’t be holding my breath. I’m a naturist. Or a nudist if you want to get technical, or simple as some would say. But i cannot find any other black nudists myself. I’ve checked the net and looked at a number of sites with pictures and guess what? No blacks! I can just see what would happen if i walked up to a naturist resort and asked to join. They would shit, because they’ve never met a black naturist. If anyone wants to dispute this with me then they can, but i think i am right on this.

89 thoughts on “Calling all black naturists…

  1. I’m white, but I agree that I’ve seen very few non-whites of any race at the beach I go to. There are a few, but it’s mostly white (er tan) people.

    I think I’ve met a couple black guys, maybe 3-4 hispanics, and 2-3 asians.

    A friend of mine (who’s non-white) commented on the same thing when she came to the beach with me.

    Are there closet naturists of color that need to be reached out to by the white naturist community? or is it that the idea hasn’t caught on yet and needs to be promoted?

    I’d guess the former as I know lots of people (of all colors) who I would call closet nudists who hang out naked in their own appt but would never think to go to resort of beach.

    But it seems to me that most nudists have the such relaxed views of body image that I can’t imagine them making judgments based on someone’s body, (shape or color).

    Then again I only know my own friends, and I’m picky about them. I’m probably optimistically delusional about the world in general.

    • well i have been practicing nudity for 25 years as a trinidadian. and everywhere i look online from BRITISH NATURISM to AANR, THERE ARE ALWAYS WHITE PEOPLE. as far as i am concerned europeanism monopolised on this lifestyle to go against the status quo that forced BODY SHAME on everyone of their ilk. but NUDISM of itself got monopolised by the one group. no effort whatsoever to reach out to other groups to share this lifestyle with. and thats an embarrassing shame.

  2. I’m a home nudist and would love to meet other nudits from the tri-state area. I’m from Bklyn,ny. Any other black nudists out there, and willing to meet?

  3. Hello sir, I’ve been a nudist since my mid-teens though it was my late 20’s before I thought of myself as one. Yes, unfortunately, there aren’t as many blacks or other minorities into nudism yet, but that is slowly changing, I think. I’ve met black nudists at Haulover Beach in Miami, a couple nudist resorts and there are several on the nudist forum I’d say almost any resort in the USA would be glad to have you. The only clearly racist nudist resorts I’ve heard of in recent times was a resort in South Africa, but that might have been declared illgal there by now. Be brave and go to a resort alone, if necessary. Better yet, bring a curious female friend (or more than one if you can). Some resorts do discriminate not on race, but against single males of any race, just because they get so many and they tend to be the “problem” individuals. But if you bring at least one female, you should have no problem and you’ll have some to talk to if you need. Best of luck 🙂

    • this is partly why there are hardly any black nudists. FAR TOO FEW GOOD PEOPLE LIKE YOU CASEY WILLING TO REACH OUT AND WELCOME OTHERS INTO THIS LOVELY LIFESTYLE. sigh, NUDISM still has a long journey ahead it seems.

  4. One more thing. I know the feminists will shoot me for this, but women tend not to be as brave and curious, so rarely would they seek out something like nudist activity on their own. If you’re frustated about this, like many of us nudist guys are, like I mentioned, bring a woman along with you and introduce them to the lifestyle. Many women out there are potential nudists/naturists, but need someone to help ease them into it.

  5. Also Casey – Just because a place isn’t OPENLY racist, doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing. Though I agree, if you go with a woman of any color it should make for smooth-er sailing.

  6. sir, we feel you frustration. having been a nudist couple for several years, we have visited several resorts in the south. we are usually the only black couple but have sometimes met two or three other black or mixed couples. i can say that we have only once had a negative experience.we have had whites express to us that they would like to see more people of color at resorts but did not know how to reach out to them. i have to agree that when we look at thousands of pictures of nudist resorts around the country and so no black faces, we tend to assume we’re no welcomed.

    • and as long as that is the case, blacks who are interested will continue toi shy away. keep up the good work ART. we need more people like you to keep interest alive.

  7. my wife and I have been going to nude beaches in Nude Jersey and Florida since the late 90’s. We are seeing more and more people of Color every year. We also visited Cypress Cove in Fla and were treated very well, People were friendly and engaging. We have other friends who have gone to the nude beach at Sandy Hook but have not run into them there, yet. We are looking for others in the area who want to be nude in a non sexual environment. Will post again, if it is okay with the site master

  8. I am a black nudist and feel odd at our events in cleveland, yet, most are very friendly.

    let’s face it, naked = SEX!! and since most of our peeps are socialized to think that way, plus see sex ladened music vids plus the magazines on the rack, they can not think anything else.

    i have been a nudist for over 10 years socially and over 20 years on my own. many of my friends know and accept it, but will not partipate. i dont impose it on them, such as walking around them nude.

    all we can do is to spread the word and to recruit others one at a time.

      • Sex does not equal nudity… or the other way around. Surely people who are ignorant to the ethics of social nudity may think so but it is our duty to guide and educate. It is a chore, but there is no other way around it as tedious as it seems. Depending on background, culture, sexual preference,etc. it is more or less something that has to be recognized.

        HOpe you the best… There is no better ‘ism than naturism!- G. Carlos Henderson

  9. REbel, do not dispair, as I previously posted, I am seeing more and more people of color at the nude beaches, at resorts and in talking with people finding out the more enjoy home nudity than you think. Go to the blacknudist group on Yahoo. It is very enlightening.

  10. Are you kidding? Although I have not been a “naturist” a very long time, I believe there are hundreds of “us” around just waiting for a really good testimony as to how, when and where.

    Well, you may have not seen a great group of naturists of color because we’re all here in Chicago!

    Love, Peace and nakedness

  11. I am a black female nudist in PA, and I have been a naturist since I was in my teens. I am 43 now, soon 44. I can honest say that I have not met many black nudist since I had my first visit to a clothing optional beach in NY.

    I will be visiting Sandy Hook this year, so maybe many people of color will realize that being a nudist does not equal sex or your need the perfect body to show your skin.

    -Bare Hugs

  12. On the subject of not seeing Black or coloured male/females on nudist beaches, I am white and have been a naturist for over 30 years, and have seen slowly changes on European beaches where black/coloured people have started to be more prevelant.

    My first wife and I have met a few black guys and couples and became good friends. I have recently married again to a black Ghanaian, but she is very reluctant to go nude on a beach. Having spoken to many balck Ghanian friends, they too are evry reluctant and consider it imodest. My view is that for African black people, they have been indoctrinated by white missionaries in the past to think nudity is sinfull. I will however try to convince my lovely Ghanian wife that being nude and being allowed to be nude in whatever place is relaxing and you feel at one with yourself and nature.

  13. I’ve only recently become naturist/nudist(last year at home). I’ve been hoping to connect with other naturist people of color. I feel that would be the best way to experience social naturist for first time. Anyway I’m concerned about reaction of anglo folks at resorts as well since my wife is not into naturism.
    Are there any back naturist groups out there?

    I wish i knew of any. I’ve been looking for that myself. But suffice to say i have found none. I’m like you. I started at home when i was a teenager, and haven’t looked back since. If i find anything I’ll let you know. Check my blog for a couple of sites where you may find some of the info you seek.

    • Hey Earl, this is Fred. I am trying to see what I can do to recruit black naturist and ran across this. You got any Ideas, you can email me at the above or contact me on True Nudists

  14. I too believe that I`m the last of my kind …I used to be part of a yahoo black nudist society and …..but I just dont know what happened to that site..alone in my nekkidness…

  15. The sites are there, just suffering from a lack of postings. Try blacksun the Black and Latino group on Yahoo.

  16. I am a black male nudist / naturist. Here in CA. I have been a nudist for over 20 years. I have been a member of 4 nudist groups, 3 Nudist Resorts. I have been a member of Bare Soul Nudist. Also in other in about 4 on line nudist sigh. I have lived on a nudist resort for over 4 years. On the nudist resort, I have been a member of the dad’s group, assisted in and took part in all the activities that took place on the resort. I have made many friends on the resort but I have also meet people that was prejudice of my being black. But they kept their feeling to them self. And they were respectful when we interacted. The majority of people I have meet and been friends with are white. All my years as a nudist I have meet very few black people. I would say about 5. I find that black people associate being nude with sex or being naked with sin. With some I have talked to being naked out side where other can see you as being not heard of. This I have found by talking to brothers and sister about the nudist life style. This also goes for people of other races. On the resorts I have been to and I have been to about 4 resorts. I have always felt relaxed and secure…

    • If you’re still around, can you contact me. I know both my and your post are a couple of years old but interested in the progression of things. We are at the Great Lakes Area Natural Tans Society… just google it.


  17. I have only been to Haulover beach and South Beach in Miami. I suppose that South Beach is not quite a nude beach. Topless women are not discouraged there. With that said, I recall seeing only a hand full of African Americans especially women free with their bodies.

    I think that a number of African Americans might be discouraged from nude beaches because; it seems to be linked to alternative life styles. Also, being African American; a lot of Black women who I know cite religious reasons or being seen as being view as being promiscuous as a deterrent.

    I have met plenty of black women who claim to be the closet nudists that have been described here. Although, I never found out if this was the case. Lastly, I have noticed that a lot of African Americans have very negative body images.

    I look forward to some day meeting an African American woman who is more open minded about her body. Are there any out there?

  18. I am a black nudist in the Bahamas, where prudish attitudes prevail. I swin nude at secluded beaches here. Will do my first legally nude beach in FL in September.

    I am a member of GLANTS (black nudist in IL)

  19. Well William, it doesn’t look like you’re going to get much of an argument about your statement, but you sure did stir up a nest!

    In our local experience, there’s one black guy that often attends Mazo Beach in Wisconsin, and a nice couple that are regulars at Valley View Rec. Club. I think that’s it. Occasionally another.

    That also goes for most folks of color.

    That also applies to camping.

    I don’t know if this comes from predjudice (real or imagined), an understandable reluctance to ‘intrude’ on white society, not wanting to be ‘the only one’, fear of rejection, or differences in culture and lifestyle.

    Probably a combination of all of the above.

    Whatever. Just get out there and do it! And yeah, take a woman with if you can, even if you’re gay. Single guys are always ah, suspect.

    Oh yeah, I hate to say this but try to avoid a gorgeous white blonde. The women will hate her and the men will hate you. 😉

    Good luck with this site, keep posting and they will come. We can all use a different perspective.

    And if you find a legitimate organization that addresses you needs, let me know and we’ll post it.

    – Steve

  20. I’m interested in being a black nudist and I’m from Chicago. I have once visited a resort in Indiana and I just felt like all the attention was on me because I was the only black (at least on that day). I wish I could find other blacks with the same interests in the Chicago area or maybe even start an organization where we can all come together and feel comfortable.

  21. I have really enjoyed reading the comments and now I don’t feel so alone. I live in Atlanta and have been searching for other Afro-american nudists online. I search online because I have no idea of how I would approach the subject in person; without getting a strange look.
    My nearest experience to being nude and comfortable with a group of people is when I am at the gym in the locker room. And one can see how many of the brothers are antsy about being naked in front of each other. It’s sort of funny.
    I walk around the house nude, but would really like to connect with a solid group and not feel like the “black sheep” of the group. Are there any others in the Atlanta area?

    • BrownSkinMan, I feel ya dude. I am also in the Atlanta area. Not many openly nudists who are also Black. I’ve been to Haulover and love it. Unfortunately, nothing in or near Atlanta where one can enjoy public nudity. Like you, I go nude at home quite often. I would definitely agree with your comments on our folks and nudity; I guess it is what it is. But it won’t stop me from enjoying mine.


    • Visit atlanta often and would like 2 explore nudism with other black men…u should try the korean spa north of atlanta. …there is mandatory nudity there. Ltrin at

  22. I am an at home naturists…and African American…I’ve not found like-minded friends…either white or black…so I suffer in silence…too bad that I’m not closer to ATL.

    Best wishes for each of us on our search for naturist companionship.

    • Hi January,
      What part of the country are you from? I am 3+ hours south of atlanta.
      Am white male, and have the same problem. Would be nice to have a
      like minded friend ! Steve

  23. I’m a black naturist living in the Bay Area but originally from NYC. There aren’t many black nudists here unfortunately. I’ve befriended many black nudists (mostly male) back east. Mainly in the New York/New Jersey/PA/DC area. BlkSun group and Raisin N the Sun are the most prominent Yahoo groups targeting naturists of color and I belong to both. It’s a great group. They usually hosts nude movie nights, potluck dinners, card games.

    The black community, as some of you have pointed out, believe that nudity isn’t something that should be flaunted in front of people. The stigma towards nudity is sexual. And most black people are deeply religious so nudity tends to conflict with their beliefs.

    Anyway, I’m always eager to meet and chat with other naturists of color.


  24. You are correct in my 20 years in being associated with nudest. I have only met a few black nudest. That was at Glen eden in California. So far as the beaches I have seen no black couples just men. But the society still sees us as sick or crazy. But to change this you need to start with your own friends and family. And if you are looking for photos dont ask for any. just build the relationships you can build and go from there. And if people gather then meet with them and have fun.

  25. bare_essence325 i saw your yahoo page i really liked it.

    Send me a little note.

    i may be a while answering .

    i work like a slave.

    a compulsion i guess.

  26. There was a nonlanded club called “Bare Soul Nudist” .

    They are now defunct.

    If the former owner would bring it back,I just might join.

    He ran a real tight site.

  27. I guess I can consider myself a nudist, undercover, behind closed doors. I welcome the opportunity to meet other nudists and to also venture to spots where nudity is accepted. I missed my chance to check out Haulover Beach back in October as it was a tad too breezy to be naked on the beach. I do love being naked and I know most people do not understand that so I only share it with those openminded enough to consider it without being so judgmental. Skinnydipping is also one of my favorite actitivities.

  28. You know it is so true. I’m just now starting interest in the naturist thing, but whenever I check out a club online all I see is white people. Although I have no problem with white people, I sure would not want to be the only minority there. If anyone has a great spot they know of that I wont be the only one in my age/sex/race category please let me know. I’m 25/F/blackhispanic

  29. Do come to Sandy Hook in
    New Jersey on July 4 weekend. The black naturists are there from all over the Eastern Seaboard.

  30. hi, i am a black naturist too, i have not being active, because, i was the only black person at the swims, and did want to go alone

  31. I am male black, and a naturist at heart. A few months ago, I went to my first naturist swim at a community pool, in the Toronto, (Canada) area. I was the only black person in attendance!

    My wife is very shy to accompany me to the swims, and it seems awkward to reach out to another female to go to the swims – as I was told by the organizers that single males are looked upon suspiciously. Any black female in the Toronto area get in touch with me if interested in a partner for naturist swims.

  32. I am a nudist in The Bahamas and organized nudism here is non-existent. The whole subject of social nudism is taboo here. That doesn’t stop me from finding a secluded beach and shedding the textile.

  33. Myself and my gierfriend are nudist. We are both black and have found limited opportunity to visit naturist locations or events. We have done so a few time most recently in Key West, FL and everything was fine though we were among a very few people. We are especially interested in gatherings of black nudist where we believe we would be more comfortable. Any one know of any?

  34. Hey fellow nudist. Me and my wife are nudist and have enjoyed a clothing free lifestyle together and with other couples of color for many years. We have met other couples (and went alone) and shed our clothes at places such as; Hedo II and III Jamaica, Haulover beach, Blacks beach, Maui and several private places including our home. I must agree, there are few nudist of color in our travels but from the traffic this site has generated I believe WE have enough to start our own meet and greet right here. So, lets get this started…We are ready to meet at many of the locations that I listed and get to know people like ourselves and begin a traveling group of “Black Nudist”. Let’s stop talking about it and do this…ANY TAKERS?

  35. I’m from Chicago and I would love to meet other black nudist in the Chicagoland area. I sometimes walk through the park nude but that’s risky and many people who happen to see may object. I would like a more organized gathering. I’d participated in the nude bike ride in June there were about 10 blacks out of the hundreds of participants. I’ve been to a nudist resort and just like many others have written I was the only black and I was the center of attraction. So Chicago black nudist let’s come together and represent the Chi.

    • Hi Folks,

      There are a few black naturist groups of which I am aware, but they are east of the Mississippi River. In the Chicago area there is GLANTS (Great Lakes Natural Tan Society).

      In the D.C. area there is the Raisins in the Sun Group. Each of these upstanding groups offer men the opportunity to enjoy nudism/naturism on planned events.

      Many of the members of both groups are travel buffs, so I’d imagine that they can bring the naturism theme to your city or town on occasion. What’s the old phrase “make your own party and others will come?”

      To the previous posting from my brother Sean – I am curious to know which park in Chicago you walk through in the nude….perhaps I may want to join you one day.

      Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.


  36. William-
    I left a posting on your other blog question. My partner Dave(who is black) and I would love to have more people of color come to our resort. In fact, Dave and I have spoke of having a weekend conference on Diversity in Naturism. From Dave’s point of view, he always feels out of place when going nude because he is usually the only black person there.
    Now that we are opening our own resort. We hope to change that, even though our resort is located in Montana. Basically, we are trying to do our part in introducing and changing the mind set of black people to Naturism.
    Dave and I hope that you keep doing what your doing and engaging people in conversation. Its important for people to talk and get over their fears. Body Acceptance equals Body Freedom. This applies to everyone, not just the select few.
    We hope that one day we will see you at Boulder Creek Resort, and meet Dave and I.
    Maybe- I should convince Dave to start a group. Although, I dont think it would take much convincing.
    Take a look at our front page on our temp website. We have a very strong anti-discrimination statement in our welcome to people. We felt it necessary to let people know right away of our voice on the subject.

  37. There’s a nude beach in Montara called Grey Whale Cove and its full of black naturists of all genders and I do resemble that remark myself ! 🙂

  38. Would love to get feedback on folks of All colors acros the US and beyond enjoying being nude. My parter (BM) and I (WM) enjoy nudity and are in the Washington, DC. area. I have been enjoying nudity since the early 80’s in Miami and got my partner into it after we met. I was enjoying a nude beach area in Miami long before the Haulover beach became established by the South Florida Free Beach Society.

    We were members of the DC based black mens social (that like to be nude) group, Raisins in the Sun, but for unexplained reasons were dropped from the group.

    The raisins group recently hosted a New Years Eve party event, (we could not attend). And apparently there were some sexual issues that happened at the party, and now the group administrator is on a holier than thou mission mentality for not policing his own party. He has also stressed that any member without a face picture (on the website)would be dropped, but that has not happened. I do know there are members (black men) that like being nude, but because of job…other situations/factors, would prefer not to post a picture which is fine by me. I believe we were dropped from the group because we let all the members know they were more than welcome to contact us on a individual basis to come hang out nude, and not so much of a group event. Maybe that is just me, but I do know that this group is currently going through a identity crisit, so if you do try to become a member take heed.

    But, other than that, please enjoy the freedom of nudity and let others share in the freedom too.

  39. My wife and I have been to a nudist resort close to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. It is called Show-Me-Acres. Very nice resort. The people there, for the most part, were very welcoming. We were the only black couple in attendance. A couple of white nudists there were rather obvious in their discomfort with our being there. Other couples went out of their way to make us welcome. Until recently, I attended an at home resort in Fenton, MO called Barehunters. I was welcome there as a single black male. I have been to a resort (don’t remember the name) between Oklahome City and Tulsa Oklahoma as a single black male. So, I am not too sure about all the integration being East of the Mississippi River. Basically, I am an at home nudist. My wife’s Christian beliefs won’t let her go to a resort anymore, but she also is an at home nudist. And yes, I too am a practicing Christian.

  40. I am a straight Black male LOOKING for a Black, Latina or Asian Nudist travel buddy. I love to visit FKK beaches and C/O resorts. Let’s chat! If you KNOW of a lady of color that is looking for a man of color to chat with….send her my email! THANKS!!! smile

    ananudes gmail

  41. Glad to see you’re still around, William! Have a suggestion for you. You’ve obviously touched a nerve among people of color and there appears to be a need for some sort of organizing. May we suggest a Facebook group? It’s easy to set up and lets folks drop in and discuss issues, arrange getogethers and events (not dating, there’s plenty of places for that), and share experiences.

    In your comments there is both interest in getting together with other folks of color plus places that would love to have you there. A Facebook group would let these factions communicate easily.

    Just an idea, let us know if you do and we’ll promo it, ok?

    • yeah that would be a good idea. In fact that’s a great idea. hhmmm….i kinda suck at facebook. I’ll see what i can do.

    • There is a nudist page on facebook/nudist. how about a facebook/black nudists? I have resingned myself to being an at-home nudist. Never tried to reach out to see if there are others who are like minded in my hometown. Tulsa, oklahoma.

  42. Hmm… very interesting topic that I see has been going on for quite a while. I too am a black nudist and I pretty much try to do a slew of naked activities including (gay) naked/clothing-optional resorts, beaches, destinations, camping (really fun) as well as local events such as naked cocktails, local parties and movie nights. I too have found that black people (specifically not saying people of color because the issue does seem to be more specific to black people) are under-represented. That said, every single place that I’ve been has made me feel very welcome, but maybe I”m just oblivious.

    There definitely is the Raisins group that spans the DC-Philadelphia-NYC corridor and I was a member a couple of years ago and had attended a couple of their parties, which were pretty cool. I’m pretty sure it still exists, but they moved from a yahoo group to NRing to something else so I’ve lost there contact information and have been unable to find it. In fact I came across this blog while trying to search for it once again.

    • I am a black naturist and a member of GLANTS (Great Lakes Area Natural Tans Society) based in Chicago. We are the only black naturists group under AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation). We are active and some of us are also members various other groups including Raisins. After my first experience on a nude beach, I found the a majority black group called Black Sun. Eventually, they became Raisins in the DC area. Black naturists are out there…black female naturists are hard to find. We do have a couple in our group but as we travel to various areas, you don’t them much.

    • As Club Liaison for Gay Naturists International (GNI), I became aware a couple of years ago of the existence of The Raisins In The Sun, but, just like you, could not find any up-to-date contact info for them. After lots of digging and begging, I finally got a response from someone in June 2010 with a web address, which I posted under Washington, DC in GNI’s club directory. (See “Nude Clubs” tab on main menu inside GNI’s website.) In order to get access to any content, you have to join the website, which includes filling out a questionnaire.

  43. Wow! A lot has happened since 2007 I guess. I sort of feel like you do. It seems like I’m the last to find out there are other people doing stuff. But It would be great to meet you one day. Are you in Chicago? or where? It’s always refreshing to meet new (black naturists).

    Naturally yours,

    • Yes, I am in Chicago. There are several other black naturists here who always go to nude beaches, resorts and constantly look for other opportunities to be nude outside of home.

  44. Guess I need to get on here more often. We are still striving to support African-American and Hispanic nudists in the endeavor to thrive as free Americans in Health and substance.


    We are in the middle of the country as we are open to serve all who are interested.


    • Sorry i didn’t reply until now. I don’t have the internet where i live at so i have to go to the library or someplace else. But so far nothig new to show. I heard facebook wouldn’t accept a nudist page so i decided not to risk it.

  45. I don’t believe it is necessarily true you can’t have a naturist presence on FB. I believe AANR has one. YOu may want to check now if you haven’t in the last year or so. OF course it all depends on the material you use.
    We are There are some other alternatives to building nudist websties and/or nude social groups besides yahoo. Just thinking about it i think there is one called or something of the sorts.
    Carlos, Chicago GLANTS

  46. Thanks also a LOT and a LUMP for reporting that this cites also that this also notes that this says, “Calling all Black Naturists….” for others and even for us, too….

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