Getting old…with a computer?

Well today i had a new grief to deal with. My parents’ computer. Now in my somewhat patriarchal family, everyone is encouraged to get a skill that actually helps the family as a whole. Well my skill (amidst doctors and lawyers) is computers. I’m net savy, up on computer security, and i know how to install memory and a few other things. Now I’m no 3l337ly sk1ll3d dude, but i can be damn good when i have to be. But i dun brag. Basically my parents see a computer as some magical machine that is user friendly and should be easy to understand. They still have yet to realize that the computer is just a machine and has advanced to a point where newbies above the age of 55 need not apply. Just the facts. My Dad has yet to truly figure the computer out, so he gets frustrated at the littlest change on screen because he assumes that some evil has been perpetrated and now he can’t find something. Today it was the music he had DLed from all over the place and he had somehow go it in his had that the P2P program that he used was supposed to play music for him. I’ve showed him WMP at least 5 times yet he still brings up Limewire and wonders why he can’t find his music. So today after he finally gave up i had to go and hunt down all his music, organize it and set it up on Windows Media Player for him. He’ll forget, i know he will.

My parents computer is also very slow on the boot up, taking more then five minutes in some cases mainly because my Mom has downloaded so much crap that runs in the System tray. Damn thing is not only younger then my computer but with better memory, RAM, and just about everything else. And my mother wonders why i say aloud, “This is why we don’t let women around complex machinery.” So today i went and cleaned up her desktop, uninstalled at least 10 programs that she hasn’t used in over a year. But for some reason she has downloaded Google and Yahoo toolbar and she loves these two pieces of crap. It makes using her IE browser and the Firefox browser almost unbearable for me. She also has some kind of Weather channel updater and a google updater on the computer as well. I’ll have to delete it all later. For now i have to also figure out the laptop computer that just arrived 4 days ago. She still hasn’t taken any real time to set it up. I did a little, but i’ll have to go back and finish it all since she seems to be too busy and forgets. I can’t blame her. My father and my mother both work alot and they are tired when they get home. My Dad is 60 and my mom is about 56 so they have almost no energy left after they come home from work, so i’ll have to step in. *sigh*

Well i better get to work 🙂

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