Read a book, read a book, read a mutherfucking book!

Oh man i just heard about this music video about a week or more ago and i finally decided to look it up. It is hilarious and the video is hysterical. I know its satire and i will it admit the message is kind of off color but it is good in my opinion. My Dad hates it of course but when i watched a CNN report on the video (which is also embedded in this post) i see a group of black parents who were well to do and educated, berating the video. Sorry but i have to say this. The parents in the CNN video are few and far between. I wanted to see some little 20 something ghetto hood-rat with two kids and no husband around to tell the audience what she thought of the video. Or some thug in the hood to give his opinion. These are the people who actually watch BET now, not the parents we saw in the CNN interview. Now they also trotted out some supposed “experts” and got their opinion. The first or third comment i heard out of each and everyone, including two black radio talk show hosts, were these words: “What will white people think when they see this video?” That is fucking bullshit in my opinion. The last 15 years or more we blacks have been proclaiming that we no longer need the white mans’ opinion in order to feel good about ourselves. So whats the real deal about. These experts are upset because the video came on at a time when supposedly kids are watching BET, around 8 p.m.. O.K. I have a question. What the fuck are kids below the age of 13 doing up at 8 p.m. watching rap videos on BET anyway. Hmmmm… Like i said, somethin’ ain’t right here. Black America needs to wakeup. Its hilarious that all of these people are complaining about the video know its satire. But are too caught up in their own opinion and the curse words to get the satire. *sigh*

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