Renewing my commitment…

to my conservative beliefs. For those of you who don’t know i used to be a liberal. But i held onto some Christian-conservative belief. But when i held my nephew in my arms just hours after he was born. I realized that I had a great stake in what kind of world my nephew would grow up in. So i became a conservative in totality. And have been one ever since. Just three days ago my younger cousin Lisa gave birth to her son, Jayden. And one day after his birth I held him in my arms. He looked at me with such curiousness. But I also saw a strength in his eyes. The child knew who he was and almost seemed to know what he wanted. It was almost as if he possessed no fear. I was impressed to say the least. But most of all i found myself renewing my commitment to being a conservative once more.

The birth of this child has also helped my depression greatly. His birth has reminded me that all is not lost, and that death has no true power in this world. No matter who or what dies, someone is always being born. Hope is given birth to every moment of every day.

Heh. How the hell can you be miserable if you think of it like that…


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