Whatever happened to alt.fan.sonic-hedgehog?

whatever happened to usenet is the question. I used to hang out in two groups on Usenet, alt.fan.sonic-hedgehog and another one called alt.games.final-fantasy.hentai. Yeah, i know you’re thinking, agffh was a porn group, but all we ever actually did was discuss politics, life, death, and whether Tifa had bigger boobs then Beatrix. And after awhile we stopped discussing that too. The sonic group was a place where we discussed the American version of the Sonic comic. The constant drumbeat of the place was that the comic basically sucked. But people kept buying it, including me. I still think the comic is pretty great myself. I went back and checked on both groups a couple of days ago and then just yesterday. It seems both groups are totally dead save for a few posts from late 2007 and some weird spam. *sigh* i kinda miss those groups. I guess nostalgia and sentimentality are starting to creeping up on me again.


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