I am singing the praises somewhat. O.k. I’m exaggerating, but i am happy because i finally got my tooth pulled. After 3 plus weeks of taking pain pills, two weeks of scrapping my tongue on that temporary filling, and basically just being fucking miserable; the tooth is gone!! And after 5 or so days i’ll be able to eat like a normal human being again. Well o.k. maybe not totally, without that back tooth, eating hard things may be kinda difficult. But it’s worth it, just to loose the pain and misery.

The surgery went great. They put me to sleep and it was so fast. All i remember is the I.V. going in and then I’d say three seconds later i was out like a light, and the next thing i remember was being rolled in a wheelchair to my mom’s car. I was disoriented but i knew where i was and i got into the car and my mom took me home. I slept for an hour or more and then woke up to my mom putting some soup on a tray beside my bed. I ate and drank as best i could, took the pain medication and dozed for a bit before deciding to listen to Rush Limbaugh. But I was still in some pain so i ended up taking one more pill. So at 8 p.m. tonight (30 minutes from now) I’ll take two more and hope that evens everything out. At least i can go back to work. That has been my biggest worry since last week since the dentist was telling me the anesthesia, or the pain medication would have me knocked on my ass for 24 hours. I was concerned that i would need a sub, but i wasn’t really prepared. So i decided to wing it any damn way! My gutsiness paid off because this operation was going to cost me $470 dollars, and a sub anywhere from 25 to 35 dollars a night. NO WAY!!!

I must admit to being slightly disoriented at times, like my thoughts are sort of jumbled, so I’d better be careful tonight. I just got back from getting some Cotton Candy Explosion ice cream at Bruster’s. It’s so strange. I didn’t feel dizzy, i just felt tired and sort of out of it for most of the drive. Well I’m going to bed. I need all the sleep I can get. But this may get ugly, because i need to take these pain pills every six hours. I just took two pills at 8 p.m., so now i wonder if I’m gonna wake up in a bitch of pain. So now i have to decide if i should wake up early to take some pills or just try to sleep through and take the pills when i finally wake up. Decisions, decisions. *sigh* Sometimes my life really sucks.


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