A project of mine. I need some help if you can spare any…

I am a naturist, as i have stated before. But i’ve had this dream for a while now. And i just can’t shake it. I’ve got the designs down but not the models. Well here goes…

I like BBWs so, no duh. But the project i want to do is take pictures and artistic nudes of southern older/younger, BBW women. I don’t know why I’ve suddenly got the idea to do this but i don’t want to let it go either. Its quickly becoming a dream of mine. I think i’ve figured out a place i might be able to use as a studio and i may use a digital camera and a old school non-digital for gradient effects and such. But i guess i need some advance. So far I only have one definitive model and one maybe. Both are older white females and i want at least 30 women, any and all races, of ages ranging from 40 to 100 i guess. šŸ™‚ What i really want is some critique or at least someone to tell me I’m barking up the wrong tree or that I’m o.k. or evil or what…I don’t know. Just gimme some feedback here people. If you’re looking to model…leave a e-mail address with your comments or a site i can access.

I’m going to scan ALL of my old pictures from a photography class that I took years ago and save them to my computer. Its time I did so. Maybe I’ll post some here. It’ll be fun i think. Now one thing i want to stress is this. THIS IS NOT PORNOGRAPHY. IF YOU WANT TO DO PORN GO SOME PLACE ELSE!!! Sounds unusual don’t it? Most guys would kill to do a porn shoot. But when i think of this project that I’m dreaming of, the thought of porn being injected into the idea just angers me to no end. So i apologize if i sounded like a angry lunatic a moment ago. Also anyone with photo experience will be appreciated greatly. And yes i do know there’s some gay guy who has a show on A&E or some network that does BBWs in lingerie. I’ve never seen the show and i only just heard of it a month ago from one of my models. Makes me wonder if i should just quit now…


4 thoughts on “A project of mine. I need some help if you can spare any…

  1. Question.

    Are you looking for models only, or ideas for models?

    Are you willing to travel to get your Southern Belles?

    Ok, so that was more than a Question.

  2. I think it’s a cool project. I know some people who would be interested, but They are in CA and I’ve just moved to New Zealand.. so I’m a bit out of the loop. I know there are conferences and stuff that cater to them, maybe you could contact those organizations?

    sorry I’m not much help.

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