Pictures…from days gone by.

What really hurts about some of these pictures is I start to wonder if i was happier back then in those days then I am now. If i was happier then that means…i just don’t want to talk about that now…

But here they are. Pictures that i took for a photography class back when i was about 9 years younger. Please forgive how horrible some of them look.

These are pictures of a girl named Adrinna. She was my first nude. And i thought she was beautiful in so many ways. I remember now…I had a lot of fun but I was also nervous as Hell. Be warned, some nudity ahead:

adrinna0000.jpg adrinna0001.jpg adrinna0002.jpg adrinna0003.jpg

The final two pics, for this post anyway. The last picture is some of my best work with nudes, at that time, in my opinion.

adrinna0007.jpg adrinna0008.jpg

Well…tell me what you think. I guess…


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