I’m really starting to feel sorry for her…


O.k. I know this sounds bad…but i can’t help it. I actually feel bad for Hillary Clinton. The poor woman (bitch) is getting her ass whipped by Obama left and right. The reason i feel sorry for her is because she has prepared for this moment for eight years, if not more, and put up with her husband for at least 25 years. I kinda pity her. I know i shouldn’t because she chose her path, and she’s a socialist liberal. But what can i say, I guess even i have sympathy for the underdog.


2 thoughts on “I’m really starting to feel sorry for her…

  1. You are netitled to your politcal opinions, but I wanted to point out that the way you state them is still mysoginistic. You are by far nto the only one doing it, but is it really necessary to call her a “Bitch?”

    why not say “ugh, I don’t like socialist liberals.” If a man had the same views as hillary what would you call him in this situation?

  2. I’d probably call him a jackass or a bastard if he really pushed my buttons. But thanks for the honest comment. I will admit i hesitate to call Obama a “bastard” because of his past. I don’t think its right to insult someone like that. He definitely cannot help his past.


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