Thoughts on Obama’s grandmomma.

Well I am a black man. But I think Pastor J. Wright is totally wrong. I also think Obama’s comparison between Wright and Obama’s white grandmother is tacky and wrong. Obama’s grandmother doesn’t hate America, and she doesn’t believe these race conspiracy theory kooks. Now nobody is perfect, and yeah white women of the previous generations were raised to be afraid of black men. But i can tell you right now that we raised our black women to be wary of white men.

White men were said to be abusive, selfish, and with a tendency to only want to sleep with a black woman; but never care for her as a human being. We as black men were taught that a white man would try to woo a black woman away from a black man simply to show how powerful he was, or he would use money and authority to coerce a black woman to sleep with him.

But as i have said before, NO ONE is perfect. Both races are going to have to learn to put aside our differences and help save this country. Or a radio talk show host once said, “Maybe the only way we will ever get rid of racism is that we get rid of the previous generation.”


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