About my friend Micheal.

Micheal has been my best friend since i was 10 or 11 years old. *chuckle* He is the best friend i have ever had, he’s become a lot like a brother to me. But sadly i must admit, Mike was never the brightest bulb in the bunch. About 4 weeks ago he calls me up and tells me he’s getting a divorce from his wife. Lets just call her Rebecca for now. Well this is nothing new in my mind. I was thinking, this is the second or third time he’s declared this. The first time was when they were still living in Cullman, Alabama. He came home on the bus and was all upset and such, for two weeks i had Becca burnin’ up my cell phone trying to get me to give him messages. We’re all ready to help Mike in every way we can. And what does he do? He gets $1,500 dollars from his parents to get a divorce lawyer in Alabama, but instead he goes back down and decides to make up with his wife and use the money to pay off some old bills and bounced checks! He pissed me and his parents off royally. So now over the last few years and phone calls he’s claimed he’s getting divorce or Becca was kicking him out at least one more time. Now they are here in town, they’ve been living he for about two years now when i get this phone call.

Mike is staying with his parents and he’s telling me he’s going to get his own place soon and that Becca had basically kicked him out. I find all this out when i go to see him after 12 a.m. one night and i didn’t get any sleep so i was tired and pissy all the next day. But i thankfully didn’t put any stock this latest divorce craze. So about a week passes and then i get a call from Mike’s mother, Mrs. W, asking me if I had spoken to him at any time during the last two days. She hasn’t seen him since yesterday and she’s wondering what happened or if he has told me anything. I told her i figured he had went back to his wifey. Mrs. W asked me to call her if i found out anything, and i said i would. I went to the place where Mike was working and there he was with some goofy grin plastered on his face when he saw me. Suffice to say, i was pissed. I asked him why he hadn’t called his parents, he gives me some shitty excuse about not wanting to tell his parents because he thinks they’ll be mad at him. I told him to call his parents ASAP. The next day i get a call from Mrs. W asking if i had seen Mike and i told her i had seen him at his work and he was back with Becca. Mrs. W said she had figured as much and that she thinks he left because his parents wouldn’t give him one penny to help him. I don’t tell her everything that was said between Mike and me, so i leave it at that.

Three days later Mike calls me up and asks me to go to his parents and pick up some meat from his parents house because he and his parents are on the outs with him. I called up his parents and asked if it was O.k. even though i already knew i wasn’t going to do what Mike had asked because i saw it as being disrespectful to his parents. Well about two weeks ago i get a call from Becca and she asks me to come and take him to the hospital because he’s been hurt. So i rush over and the police are there and then Mike walks over to my car and says, “William, I’ve been violated.” I don’t need to go into details, and i won’t either. But we went t othe emergency room where i sat in the waiting room until 12 a.m..

I asked Mike what the detectives said and he told me that they didn’t believe him, but they were going to investigate the case anyway. I had called Tosha while i was wanting and even she had her doubts. She told me she believed me when i told her it happened but she said the only reason something like that happens in that neighborhood is you owe drug dealers money or you’re involved in something. I know Mike isn’t that stupid. But i was starting to become skeptical after Mike told me that even the cops didn’t truly believe him. But i decided to stick by Mike until i knew better. Men don’t lie about being harmed like this.

A week passes and I’ve called Mike once to check on him and he seemed o.k. On Saturday Mike appears at my place with a duffel bag in hand and he tells me he’s divorcing Becca again. Even though he’s been through a lot i kind of let him have it because I’m pretty much tired of this same shit over and over again. He then tells me that Becca has been cheating on him for two months and that she not only admitted it to him but he knows the guy. Its a friend she’s had for at least 3 months now and he’s been hanging around the house. I’ve seen the guy as well, when i dropped off Mike from the hospital. Long haired hippie type, maybe early 20’s. I didn’t even sense anything or then i thought it weird that this guy had stayed so long. But i decided that it was a good thing to have a male there in case the intruder came back.

So Mike was talking fool talk as usual, talking about how he was going to hitchhike up to New York to rejoin the circus. I called him a damn fool straight to his face. And i told him i was damn tired of every time a serious problem or emotional hurt came into his life he ran off like a fool and worried everyone. I told him he was being a selfish bastard that was only thinking with his heart and his dick as always. After i calmed down and we were smoking cigarettes i asked him about what had happened to him and he said the police had found the guy. I got up the guts to ask him why he thought this had happened and if he was involved in anything unscrupulous. He told me know but he suggested that it may have had something to do with a rumor that had been spread around the neighborhood. I confirmed his suspicions with something that Tosha had told him to leave his wife alone from now on. It was obvious she was the source of the rumor.

To make a long post short Mike decided to stay home and is now working again. Hopefully things will get better. It seems Rebbecca has moved back to Cullman, and things are adjusting to a new pace in Mike’s life. I’m sorry he had to suffer like this though, all because of some stupid manipulative bitch that he married. I knew she was bad news from the git! Well hopefully Mike will actually learn something from this. I know I have. Well o.k. I sorta have. Most of the lessons learned here i already knew. *sigh* Whatever!! Lemme just post this shit!!

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