Join Operation: We have had Enough!!!

Under the command of Four Star General Russ Castle. We have been ordered to do one thing only: Vote every last incumbent out of office here in South Carolina.

It’s become apparent that our current crop of senators and congressmen are in the back pocket of the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and other special interest groups. So under the orders of General Castle we are to vote out all the incumbents and send a message to all politicians: You will do as you are told or be voted out!!.

The reason for all of this is the House and the Senate’s constant finagling about passing a bill that will properly deal with illegal immigration in this state. We have had it with their posturing and blatant disregard for what we want from them. These senators are in the back pocket of everyone who is for illegal immigration and we need ot get rid of them.

For more orders and update please listen to WORD 950/1330 AM for more details from General Castle from 6:07 A.M. to 10 A.M. Monday through Friday!


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