Writing a letter to Stacey…

Yeah i know its a cliche title. But it is what it is. (I hate that expression, it seems like more of an excuse then anything else.) I’ve been thinking of writing this letter for months now. The letter is actually to Stacey’s mother, Thelma. I haven’t heard from Thelma or Jamie since New Year’s and i have tried to call them both. Jamie, Stacey’s brother, never returns my calls or messages, and Thelma’s phone seems to be disconnected. So, i called one last time, and then wrote the letter to her. Well what prompted this was meeting Sarah today. I think meeting her helped me move on and have the guts to write the letter, or at least remind me to do so. But i need to move on and let go. If i never recieve an answer, then i guess that will be my answer. No matter what happens though I’ll cross that bridge when i come to it. That’s all I can do for now.


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