My thoughts on Jesse Jackson’s comments.

When i heard what Jesse Jackson said he wanted to do to Obama’s anatomy I was shocked beyond all belief.  My first thought was, “Jesse Jackson, what the fuck is wrong with you, man?”  I mean this has to be the crab barrel mentality at it’s worst.  But worst of all he was talking about doing the exact same thing that white males had been doing to black men for years, yet Jesse whispered so candidly about doing the same to Obama.  Now i ain’t no fan of Obama, politically, but the man has been addressing a number of concerns in the Black community for years, and yes i know Jesse said it before too…well he kinda said it but no body got the message…heh.  Almost sorry for the bit of humor there.

But back to the seriousness at hand.  Why did Jessie Jackson say this?  Jealousy.  Pure jealousy.  That’s all it is.  Why?  Because Obama is going to all of these black churches and is speaking out about how black men need to return to the home and take care of the children they father.  Now Jessie has supposedly been saying this for years and feels that Obama has no right to take his place and speak on such matters.

But I also sense one other reason for his comments.  Jessie probably feels that Obama is doing this for pure political gain and that Obama doesn’t truly care about the black race.  That is what I think the other reason for his comments are.

P.S.  Sorry for the lateness of this post but i have been busy and didn’t have a lot of time to write


One thought on “My thoughts on Jesse Jackson’s comments.

  1. I have to disagree with you. I think Obama meant everything he say about the black issue because he grow up without a father. So from a child point of view, he can speak about it. I also think more people are willing to list to Obama instead of Jessie Jackson.

    Oh i can’t speak to Obama’s truthfulness on the matter and i didn’t in this post. I’m just stating what i think Jessie Jackson is thinking in all this.


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