pain in the damn ass is what they are!  Jeez.  Tosha has been sending me txt msgs over the last few days and i’ve been texting her back.  I decided to find out how much it cost and i go to sprint and i discover it costs 20 cents per msg recived or sent.  So i paid 5 dollars at sprint to get 300 text msgs per month.  So i msg her and jokingly tell her that she’s expensive and I ain’t getting no pussy outta the deal.  I’ve spoken to her like this for years and then she msgs me saying that casey saw the message.  This is why i hate dealing with lesbians.  They’re goddamn drama queens about every damn thing under the sun.  Apparently Casey is so unsure of herself and her relationship with Tosha that a text msg would upset her.  Pathetic.  This is why i refuse to date women under the age of 24 or 25 now because of this baby-ass bullshit.  I’ve had it.  I didn’t text Tosha back.  As much money as I’ve spent over the past few months on her ass when her little girlfriend could get off her ass and be workin…shit.  She wants to play at being the stud.  Let her do it.  And let her deal with it.


One thought on “women…

  1. First off I think it’s criminal that in the us we get charged for incomming text messages, it{s not like you can refuse to get them. by just existing you get charged… what a rip off..

    but that’s secondary to the advice you want I’m geussing.

    hmmmm… well most people are insecure at some point. so Casey is insecure. that is an issue for them two to work out.

    if her ‘insecurity’ is meaning that tosha is being cut off from her friends, it could be a problem. controlling relationships are not just a heterosexual problem. I tend to get really anxious when someone’s autonomy is compromised. of course I don’t know the whole situation.

    it could just be that people are being annoying. you know better than I. but if tosha wants to text you but feels you can’t have the friendship you used to (and that she wants with you) it could be a problem for her. if you think thats the case and want to salvage the friendship, I’d have a conversation with her to let her know how you feel, (once you’ve calmed down a bit) and that you think it’s bullshit that her significant other is having so much say about her friendships.

    that’s my advice.. don’t know if it was helpful or not….

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