Beware of this new Postal mail SCAM

A couple of days ago my parents received a letter in the mail, today they just opened up and then they called me.  I came over and read the letter.  My Dad wanted to know if it was a scam.  The letter was claiming that Dad had won a Canadian Lottery and was going to receive about 50,000 dollars.  (I think it was more then that but i can’t remember now.)  There was a claim number on the letter and a Canadian phone number to call.  I told my Dad that I thought it was a scam but letter me read the letter and find out more.

I read the letter and a check for 4896 dollars had come with the letter.  The letter stated, that this was part of the winnings and that the check needed to be deposited into my bank(my father’s account) and then write out a check for half of the original amount i cashed and send it back to them.  Everything screamed of scam but i am through.  So i looked up the name of the company who had sent the letter on the Internet.  No luck.  I then called the number on the letter to claim my prize.  the voice that greeted me on the phone was that of Eastern Indian man who i could just barely understand with his thick accent.  I also asked for a web address and the man stated that they didn’t have a web address.  I knew it had to be a scam.  So i gave them my name and cell phone number, and said i would cash the check just to get off the phone.  I then contacted the bank that was would cash the check after i would have sent it to my bank and they confirmed it was a scam.  The bank is real and the checks are also real.  The account isn’t real though.  So anyone cashing the check would have it bounce a few days later.  Leaving them in a lurch and no winnings coming to them.

After I got off the phone i told my parents that the whole thing was a scam.  And to just toss the letter, which they did.  I on the other hand have decided to have some fun with these scammers.  They’ll be calling again soon.  And i will have so much fun screwing with them.  It’s the least I can do.


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