So what’s up now?

Not much.  I went to my cousin JJ’s wedding on Saturday.  I’ve done nothing but work and play video games.  Well i also went job hunting.  I tried out for PTI and for the post office.  I’m not expecting much from either but it may be the best deal i’ve got.  I need a second job.  I need one badly.  I really want the job with PTI though because i want to travel.  And PTi will alow me to do that.  Other then that I have my PS2 back from Mike so I’ve been playing MegaMan X Collection just for the hell of it.  I also just bought a used copy of Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast.  Now i love this game and the music is tight.  But i’m still playing X6 so i’ll try to finish that as quickly as possible so I get back to OR2006.  Unless i get too caught up in Megaman Battle & Chase which is quickly becoming a fun game.


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