Photographer gone WILD!!

Well if you read my last post then you know I finally got my new camera.  It’s a Nikon D40.  I’ve been practicing ever since I got it.  And i’ve began looking for models.  So far I’ve gotten only one worth having and I just finished my first nudes!!

I was so nervous and excited.  I really wish i could have done better though.  I still feel like I suck at this.  And the pictures still don’t seem perfect nor do they have artistic, photo-book feel.  Then again perhaps I’m too critical of myself.  I just don’t know.  I know i’m still learning but i keep feeling I can do better.  Well here is CeeCee in all her glory.

2 thoughts on “Photographer gone WILD!!

  1. William, you get an ‘E’ for effort. Here’s some free suggestions and worth just that much.

    Composition. The first photo sucks, the second gives the impression of joy (good!), the third is… interesting.

    Lighting. You can mess around with lights in your studio, work on shading and such. Or you can look around online and get some neat wireless remote slave flashes really cheap that, basically, fire when your main flash goes off. They’ll provide fill light and change the scene completely. You can place them around the room to achieve the desired effect. Direct flash is often not the best thing. Try taping over your flash and working with ambiant light.

    Keep trying. I’m no expert, stricty amateur, but there are a lot of resources on the ‘net where you can get advice.

    Plus, and it’s tough work, visit a lot of nude photography sites to get a feel for poses, lighting, etc. There’s a lot out there.

    Your model is lovely, she deserves an even better effort from you!

    Love, peace, Happy New Year! – Steve

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