What to do next??

I am fucking frustrated right now.  I guess because i’ve been sitting at home all day.  I’m short on money.  But most of all I’m frustrated about the last shoot.  Nothing looks great to me.  And so far two people seem to think that CeeCee is my girlfriend.  God i get so pissed when someone says that!!!

So i’m sitting here editing some of the pics to see what I can do.  I’ve pretty much discovered what i had suspected all along.  The pictures look much more artisitic in black and white instead of color.  I fact they look much better and even more vibrant in B&W!

So now I’m at a crossroads.  I’m wondering if I should just give up, or should i seek more help.  I think I’ll go to a photography forum and ask for help and opinions.

One thought on “What to do next??

  1. Chill, Bill. You’re, what, 2 days into photography? Relax, take your time.

    Study, yes, but remember that nothing you ever learned was learned overnight. Keep working on it, develope your own style, go B/W if you want, it works!

    And publish comments. That is the lifeblood of blogs, comments. That’s the indicator of sucess, not just hits. Interaction. People interested enough to jump through the hoops.

    Relax, you’re doing just fine! Watch
    Jesus Christ Superstar’ and pay special attention to the scene where Mary Magdeline is singing to the sleeping Jesus, “…try not to worry, and you know everything’s all right, yes everything’s fine…”

    Ah, of course, he was crucified shortly thereafter… 😉 – Steve

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