Catching Up…(photo stuff)

Yes I know it been more then a month.  I’ve been busy.   Well first post is about the photo shoot.  I’ve decided to put it off for now.  I’ve come to realize that I don’t know jackshit about photography.  I need to learn more about lighting, shutter speed, and a host of other things in order to get this right.  Then i can have a lot of fun and then maybe get into modeling.  That’s really what i want to do for now.  I took a number of great pictures though.  We’ve had several parties since the last time I posted and the pics have all come out great!!  Now i just need to print them.  That’s gonna cost money that I don’t have. *sigh*  But that is another post in its own entirety.

Two weeks ago I took pictures of my uncles birthday party.  They turned out pretty good, especially the group phtotos.  So far i haven’t done anything new with the camera.  I need to start taking it with me again so when i catch something interesting i’ll be ready to take a picture!

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