Building a forum for Black Naturists

O.k. I’ve been looking around, and I don’t have much.  The one black naturist forum I found on Yahoo! has been inactive since June 0f 08′.  So i’m not sure what to do.  I’m open to suggestions.  The group I want is for singles and couples, married and non-married.  I think we should have a strong pro-black presence in the group we create, but not a racist or exclusive mindset.  It should be a place where singles can meet but not be purely sex-oriented.  I’ll speak about this some more once i get my thoughts around it.

2 thoughts on “Building a forum for Black Naturists

  1. will there be an emphasis on recruitment?

    I know someone who might be interested but who does not identify as a naturist. but she has been to a nude beach!

    Sure I’d be interested in some recruitment. But it will neither a be a requirement nor a emphasis. Oh and how are you NT? I haven’t been to your blog in a while.

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