harmonic convergence and individuality

I was listening to Coast to Coast AM last night and once again George has some ‘tard on as a guest who felt that in 2012 the world would go through a harmonic convergence and 70% percent of the planet would suddenly evolve to a higher conscience and way of thinking.  Bullshit!!  Once caller summed up this ludicrous idea perfectly.  The caller wanted to know if Americans would be the ones to have a severe problem with the harmonic convergence because we cling so deeply to our individuality.  You got that right you stupid, commie hippie, bastard!

This is what scares me about humanity.  We have a ever growing group of fools who seem to think tha the only way for mankind to become a better, more evolved species is but becoming a hive-mind like intelligence.  That individuality is too costly, dull, and detrimental to society and the human race as a whole.  In other word these assholes wanna end up like the Borg or the Daleks.  But they don’t see it that way.  What they want to see is peace, happiness and a end to their own hardship and suffering in life.  In other words they want to commit suicide but don’t have the guts.  They want some cosmic event to change the world for them and our souls be damned is o.k. just so long as they get to see Utopia before they die!

The absence of free will, individualty, and our overall humanity is not good, it is not a positive form of evolution!  It is wrong, it is evil, and most of all it is not HUMAN!

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