Gone is Norma…

I finally ended my friendship with Norma today.  I got a lot of help deciding what i should do thanks to a preacher who lives just a few doors down from me.  I’ve spoken to him before and it was just happenstance that i spoke to him again today.  He told me that i need to walk away from her.  That Norma was becoming toxic, and while my duty from God may be to help others during certain points in their life.  I had done all i could for Norma.  It was time to walk away and give her the boot.  After all, anyone who will take a page out of the Bible and use it to smoke weed, is someone i don’t need to be around.  One thing I’ve come to face with her is that she was the reason for my impotence.  Her behavior and the stress of dealing with her was the cause of it all.  Now i just hope i can move.

Oh who am I kidding I can and will move on.  *sigh*  I may just guilt trip for a few days or maybe a few weeks because of it all.  *sigh*

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