T.O. K.O.ed!

Now i’m no sports fan so i usually don’t give a damn.  But i recently saw on ESPN that Terell Owens said he was blind-sided by the fact that the Cowbots had dropped his sorry butt.  He’s the only one in the world who was shocked by this except for his most beloved fan base, if he had any.

Let’s just face weather it was by design, show, or just his personality, Terell Owens is/was a jerk.  He just is, and there seemed to be no escaping it.  His star was kept afloat by hype of his soon to be performances via ESPN.  His exploits on and off the field kept him the media.  And the complaints of the  teams, fans, and the bueacracy of the NFL kept him just above life support.

If anything he’s earned his money just by being a ass.  If being a jackass and a jerk is a job in the sport then he’s earned whatever he got.  And with all the hype he bought to each team he played for they probably owe him more money.  For over six years now he has been the darling of the NFL’s bad boy/great player set.  He’s the guy you love for how well he plays but can’t stand for his ego, arrogance, and antics on the field.

So what kept Terrell Owens alive?  Hope.  Hope that this man would be the next shining path to a NFL similar to the 80’s.  Where it seemed like every major team had a star player, and the announcers were comparing star players and their respective teams as if they were long time rivals and the games seemed to be truly great.  It was hoped that T.O. was the signal of greatness and that he and a host of NFL heavies would lead one of America’s greatest sports from the ruins that it seemed to have sunk into.  But greatness cannot stand on one man’s or fool’s shoulders it must be held up by all.

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