More then a month update.

Yes yes i haven’t written in a fucking month.  I know…I know.  I’ve been lazy, i’ve been dealing with a lot of shit too.  As of right now i have no car.  The timinging belt broke on the Neon and now i’m stuck.  I almost bought a Tuscon but my parents think it’s too much per month and they are right.  *sigh*  I don’t have much else to say tonight.  I just wanna go to bed and sleep.  I have to turn the Tuscon back in tomorrow.  Unless they can are willing to give it to me for 200 or 250 a month it cannot be done.

One thought on “More then a month update.

  1. Just did the timing belt on my ’97 Corolla. Your post helps make me think I did the right thing (even though the price seemed outrageous enough).

    (Now I have to read the later posts to see how this worked out for you.)

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