I have to admit….(about black naturist groups)

To being a little stumped and kinda miffed.  It seems that my post, “Calling all black naturists.” seems to be the only post that anyone is commiting on.  *sigh*  Oh well.  As far as a group for us goes I’m willing to find a way to start one.  But i am at a loss as to what we should write as a charter, or description of the group.  I don’t want a den of oversexed perverts but I do want a place where single black nudists can come without feeling as if they are under seige because they are single.  I would also like to have a family enviroment in some ways.  But for some reason i don’t want the same old stuffy, high moral mind that we see with so many other pro-nudism groups.  Suffice to say i’m not toally sure how we should present our selves.  I’ve heard of these groups like Hedonism and such.  I don’t know much so maybe some one could explain it all to me.  But most of all i need some ideas as to how we should present this group and maybe a name.  So far all i’ve come up with is the name, “The Black Naturist”.

One thought on “I have to admit….(about black naturist groups)

  1. My partner and I are opening a nudist resort out here in Montana, and we want our place to be diverse friendly. My partner is black and I am white, so it is important to us both that the resort not just be a vision of varying shades of white. LOL
    We have a monthly newsletter going out and if you would or anyone you know would like to be on the mailing list? Just send me an email at booger_buns@yahoo.com.

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