I need models!

Preferably black models.  I need some now.  For some reason i don’t want to use Craiglist or any other advertising.  I wish i could just find them on my own but i can’t seem to. What i need are women from ages 30 to 100, bbw’s or chubby.  They need to be willing to do nude pictures.  Volunteers are highly needed since i can’t pay any money at the moment.    Also if you are not chubby or a BBW then at least be at or over 40.  Since my project involves older and/or bigger women that is what i need.  Professionals may apply but i make no guarentees since i am looking for amatuer models.  I hope to find some who are definitely from the Southeastern United States, preferably North and South Carolina.   More later.

2 thoughts on “I need models!

  1. I can pose for you. I am 42 and I am a pleasingly plump extended size black woman. Tell me what I need to do to contact you.

    • O.k.. I will be in contact with you via e-mail, and then by phone if possible. It may take me a bit since some things have come up. Please do not post any serious personal info here on this blog. Only via e-mail or phone will i ask anything more of you.

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