Nudism and perception…

Well according to a number of people being in the nude is equated with sex.  Well that seems silly in a way but it also very true.  Lets be honest, how many people want to have sex with their clothes on?  No one i know of.  But nudity can also be acquainted with bathing, tanning and a host of other things.  For me i am of two minds about the nude form.  It can be a sexual object as well as a object of beauty.  But most of all it’s just an object.

The human body is the human body, weather it be clothed or nude it does not change that fact.  And yet we are much more scared of nudity in a sexual context then we are scared or worried about sexual contexts in our advertising, movies and television.   Advertisers no longer hide the fact that they know that sex sells, in fact they almost revel in the fact.  Has anyone seen the Firestone Tire commercial where a group of dancers are dancing in falling water?  The women are wearing white and it is obvious that they have nothing on underneath.  But the camera and angles are set so you don’t truly see anything.  But why?

Later Hardee’s put out a commercial with a women in a scantly clad bikini laying and provocative rolling all over a car while she moaned and groaned as she was eating a cheeseburger.  For those of us who know what satire is; immediately got the joke.  The joke was simple, “If your product is truly good, then why do you need a half naked woman to sell it?  If your product is that good then it’ll sell weather you use sexual imagery or not.  Now Hardee’s caught some flack over the commercial but it proved it’s point and it spawned several other commercials who made satire of the “sex sells” mindset.  And yet to be quite honest, we still don’t complain enough if we are so upset about sex and nudity.

I guess part of my view on sex and nudity comes from dealing with nude models.  You’d be surprised how many models anger and piss you off with their eccentrics.  After a while no matter how beautiful they are their attitudes or the difficulties in dealing with said model make her as ugly as all get out.  A great looking body can never cover up a ugly personality.

But for all the life of me i cannot still figure out why Black America is so hateful toward its own nakedness.  I have had a terrible time finding amateur models of the Afro-American/Black persuasion.  They seem to be totally frightened of posing nude.  And those that are not are generally not the type i wish to deal with.  But i still don’t get it.  One of my original models, Norma had to put her clothes on within 1 minute of me stopping the shoot.  It didn’t matter if i was going to start right back up in three minutes, she had to put her clothes on again.  I have to admit she infuriated me with this.  It was like she was obsessive with it, and when i asked her why she just claimed that she felt evil, wrong, and ugly when she was nude.   I gave up trying to convince her otherwise.  I’ve come to realize that trying to change a person’s perception of self is extremely hard unless you brainwash them.

As a guy i find it kind of insulting that TV thinks half naked women are o.k. but not men.  In softcore porn if any of the male’s genitalia shows then it gets a X rating right off the bat.  So what’s wrong with a exposed male penis?  Well we’ve been having that conversation in the Clothes Free forums for over a year now.   We have a lot of answers but no real solution.  But most of all we seems to have a lot of feminists who think a erect male penis is a sign of evil.  I think that is the most idiotic and sexist thing i have ever heard in all my life.  But enough about that.

I hope one day i can walk down the street in the nude if i want and no one will be shocked.  I hope that one day i can live in a nudist community without every white person in their 40’s on up looking at me like i am some kind of gargantuagn dicked predator coming to scoop up their wives and daughters.  If you have to worry about that then that means you have no faith in yer wife or your daughter.  Although i will admit i chuckle whenever i think about such a thing.

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