Been seriously busy here and there.

Well I’ve been moving for about three weeks now.  Although i have been living at my new place since two weeks ago.  It’s kinda hard to explain but i have been slowly moving things in.  Unfortunately i do not have a internet connection there as of yet, so i have to come to my parents place if i want to use the computer, and that is about a 10 minute plus drive at times. So i don’t think i’ll be here a lot.  Now to other business.

We’ve been speaking about making a nudist website for people of color.  Well I looked around and found out that there are several already set up and they are all dead.  But i came up with a great idea.  For now…this blog can be be our meeting spot.  This is something i can easily maintain with out a lot of fuss or muss.  Spam cam easily be regulated and people who we don’t want can be kicked out.  I’ll see what i can do about setting up a separate page on this blog for nudist gatherings and people of color meeting up.  If that is not practical or doesn’t work, then i already have another idea that i know will work.

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