Facebook for Black Nudists?

I’ve thought about this for a few days now.  It sounds like a good idea, but i have no idea if i should start such a page because i do not have the internet at my place right now.  I have to go over to a relatives place.  I guess i could go to the library and check on it every now and again.  But i need some responses on this.  I don’t even know if Facebook allows nudes.

8 thoughts on “Facebook for Black Nudists?

  1. there is a nudist site on facebook but no pictures are allowed. If you post nude pictures, you will be banned from facebook. On the other hand, a site could be established. Let me know what you think. thanks…d

  2. Williamca, My girlfriend and I are not what you consider avid nudist but we do indulge in nudist actvities. For example we visited a clothing optional resort in Key West. We often talk about finding a place that is fun easy going where we can sit and talk maybe have a cocktail in the nude with other people (black or white) who enjoy nudism. We simply enjoy the feeling of complete freedom. And yes we are both black. Finally I would like to know of any nudist gathering for black people or where to find a calendar for such events.
    For those of you who may be curious; yes black people enjoy being naked. Its just that we are a little shy and don’t know where to go!

  3. Facebook is quite strict about nudity of any kind, even partial sometimes. They don’t really check everything that comes in (500,000,000 members!) but will remove anything reported by anyone, automatically with no appeal. Then they’ll send warnings, eventually shut you down. It’s almost impossible to contact them directly.

    At our All Nudist page we received several notices about removed items even though there was nothing nude there and nothing was removed! Go figure.

    You can, however, post links to pics you have uploaded to another site. Lots of pages do. For instance, you could post them on a page here and link to it.

    Your goal on Facebook should be to direct folks here, and you can do that easily by posting links to articles here. If you check our All Nudist website you will see that some posts from there are sent to our FB page which feeds back to the website and to Twitter which also links back to our website and FB page. They all support and promote each other, reaching more folks on the way!

    We offer content on the website which isn’t available on the FB page, and content on the FB page that isn’t on the website, and Twitter gets whatever we want. This offers three options to suit the individual yet links them all together so all content is available to everyone!

    Its actually quite easy and pretty automatic. And it’s fun! Good luck! – Steve

  4. From what I have seen there are plenty of nude photos, even obscene ones posted on Facebook. I was shocked to see some of the stuff that some members are getting away with. Wholesome nudity should be allowed on Facebook page especially on a page catered to nudism. As a black naturist this would be a great idea to showcase and encourage nudists of color to come out and express themselves and build a network.


    • Well i’m still thinking on it. Just recently i discovered that a lot of my family is on Facebook. They would have a fit if they found this out so i’d have to set this up with a different identity. Lucky for me i have several. I’ll contact everyone once i have the Facebook page up!

  5. I was actually JUST doing research on this subject today, because I was thinking about doing a nakation next year and it hit me that I never see any black folk on brochures or websites . . .

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