Naturism and the Transgendered.

This question recently came to me like a bolt out of the blue and i truly wondered about an answer for some time. I have actually looked up some other peoples answers to the question.  So far i don’t have a good answer.  While i don’t find myself seriously offended by the body a she-male or a he-gal.  Hell I’ve met some flat chested tomboy lesbians aka reverse traps that I’d fuck without question.  I can’t say the same for she-males, just not my cup of tea.

But back to the main question: Should we allow transgendered i.e. she-males and cross-gendered  people to visit family oriented nudist resorts.  I can just see the children asking all sorts of question of their parents now.  I kind of think they shouldn’t be allowed to joining because of the stigma it may place on naturism.  We already have something of a bad rap in the world as is, should we really be adding to it?

4 thoughts on “Naturism and the Transgendered.

  1. I hate discrimination. That said, I tend to agree that TG people should not be admitted to FAMILY nudist gatherings. Children are naturally inquisive and some questions are hard to answer for adults, let alone little children. An adult resort however, any and all should be welcome.

    • The fact that a question is hard to answer doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve, or perhaps even require, an answer. I’d much rather explain people’s differences to an open-minded child than wait until they become teenagers when they believe they know everything.

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