Picture angst.

As i was updating the blog and trying to make it better looking, i decided to look up some images for the headers.  I wanted to post a well done nude of a black woman for the naturist page.  I figured it would be simple, no fuss, no muss.  Boy was i wrong.  I spent more then a total of ten hours over a three day period trying to find one decent picture and i couldn’t find one.  I finally settled on the picture you see on the page now but that was all i could find.

I have come to the conclusion that nude blackness is not accepted nor is it seen as popular or interesting in the art world.  I found a few pics of semi nude black men but they all seemed to be of a urban variety and it quickly became obvious that almost no one was going to go below the waist with any of the black males.  I have to laugh at something so pathetic.  Are we that scared of the penis of a black male.  Is his girth and length so massive and impressive that we can’t look at the art in the picture without looking at his genitals and feeling inadequate or feeling a sense of awe at how “big” a black male is between the legs?  I really wanna yell “GET OVER IT!!!  ITS A PENIS, NOT A DEITY!”

As a bisexual male I’ve seen a number of penises up close and personal and to be quite honest, while impressed in some cases the ultimate realization is that you really can’t enjoy a large penis.  Don’t let the porn fool you, it’s not very comfortable in the least.  You girls have no idea how lucky you are.  At least you can truly enjoy a large penis for all it’s worth.  On the plus side though this has encouraged me to post some pictures of male genitalia for the sake of art of course.

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