Westboro Cult Church gets their asses whipped!

I was checking some of the boards i cruise around and found this article.


I was overjoyed and even cried a little as i read this story!  For those of you who don’t know i live in South Carolina and those bastards almost came to a funeral for one of our own.  Talk about risking life and limb, the whole of Upstate South Carolina was ready to rage and tear those cultists apart if they showed up at the funeral.  But in the end one of our local radio talk show hosts, Bob McClain was brave enough to do something.  He gave Shirley Phelps an hour to speak on his show.  But with one caveat, she had to debate a local pastor/theologian from the Upstate.  Suffice to say the bitch agreed and got roasted on statewide radio for all of her trouble.  But they didn’t appear at the funeral and a lot of the Upstate showed up to pay their respects to one of our fallen heroes.

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