2 thoughts on “A mention for All Nudist.

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  2. Thanks William! We keep telling folks about you hoping to help people of color discover the nudist lifestyle. It’s hard enough to make that leap into social nudism since we all are convinced that ‘everyone is looking at me’ the first time, which is not usually true. When you’re the only non-white person at the beach, it IS true!

    But it’s natural for people to notice something different; what’s surprising is that in a nudist situation that uniqueness doesn’t mean the same thing. Nudists love to welcome new people into the lifestyle and are generally very appreciative of newcomers. You may find yourself virtually ignored out of courtesy and the understanding that this is all new to you, or you may have folks asking you all sorts of questions about how you decided to try nudism. This happens to everyone, but if you ‘stand out’ you may get a little more attention, that’s all.

    So don’t be afraid to try it, and certainly don’t let color be an issue. Nudists tend to be quite open minded and you will find that skin color has more to do with how tanned you are, not the shade you started with!

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