Full circle

Well i am now unemployed…again.  This time i was fired/laid-off due to budget cuts.  No fault of my own but i still don’t like it.  Christmas went somewhat well since i was able to play Santa Claus this year.

So now I’m back to the same old schtick.  No job, no money, and no idea how to get either legally.  So what to do?  I have no idea.  Other then the internet and maybe the unemployment office.  Neither of which sound very good to me.  Also I’m suddenly getting interested in exercise, getting healthy, and dating.  It’s funny whenever i have a job you have to drag me out to do those things, even though i have the money to do them easily.  Then once I’m unemployed i suddenly have the urge to go out and do those things even though i have no money..  God i must be fucked up in the head.

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