Nude Black male angst…

Yeah that’s the title of this post.  I am kinda pissed about this.  I was looking for some pictures of black nudes as ideas for models and i can’t find any real numbers of black males.  I mean i had to go look for porn.  And to be honest i didn’t look long because i refuse at the moment to even let porn be an example for my great ideas.  It’s 2012 people, are we still that immature about the nudity of a black male in general?

One thought on “Nude Black male angst…

  1. Hello William
    You are in control of your own life. You will find what you are looking for when you are ready. Everything that you need is in front of you.

    You have a camera. While you have free time you can practice your craft with black and white film stock. Process your body of work yourself to keep total control of your work and to be safe. Have you ever considered taking pictures of tourist? Take a group or individual exposure and a second exposure for backup and collect your fee. Of course you must live up to your end of the bargain by getting the mame of address of your visiting client and promising to mail the portrait as soon as it is processed. Its the honor system. ( I have heard of this being done, though I have never done this.)

    Perhaps you would agree to teach photography and darkroom technology in exchange for a black male modeling for you.This way you both are getting something out of it. You both must get to know, trust and respect each other. You would be surprised at how honored some black males would be about modeling simply becaused you ask. Be open. Tell your potential model exactly what you are trying to accomplish in your body of work in photography. ( I always say to my potential model, that I am in love with the beauty of the male body and that I wish to capture it on paper. I am simply being honest. )

    Peace and love.

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