Car problems, cameras, and jealousy.

Well I’ve been having car problems for the last three weeks.  Something is wrong with the either the wires running from the spark plugs or the ignition coil.  I’m not sure which and its giving me fits.  I can change the wires which will cost me at least 55 dollars, or change the ignition coil and i have no idea how much that will cost and how much fixing it will cost.  Because i can’t diagnosis the exact problem I’m left with doing either of the aforementioned options.  Both of which will cost me money that i really don’t have.  It’s starting to piss me off.  I’m stuck at home because the problem causes my car to just eat up gas and i can’t afford to spend anymore money on gas.  Hopefully on Friday I’ll be able to do something.

On another note i can’t help but feel jealous when i see all these nice pictures on tumblr and such.  I wish i had a smaller camera.  I’ve seen some of these small cameras that do pretty good shots for like 90 bucks in a camera store.  Maybe i should get one when i get some more money.  It would be easier to use then lugging around my Nikon D40.  And when i go out on walks i could carry it with me in my fanny back and just snap pictures whenever i want.  Oh by the way here’s a picture i took at night outside my house.  It ain’t much, i know, i know; but i wanna post it.  I want to add something more to this post then my complaining

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