Exercising: Maybe walking just isn’t for Me.

So as i said before I was going to start exercising.  So i decided to start walking again.  It’s something i have done before and enjoyed.  So on Friday of last week i started out and walked about 6 miles total.  Took me over 2 hours.  When i got back my feet were sore and my back ached a little.  I took it in stride since it has happened before, i figured I’d take a day off and then head back out on Sunday.  Well Saturday my feet were still sore, my left foot especially.  So i decided to wait until Monday.  Well on Monday i decided to get out there with a vengeance and i only made it 1.5 miles total before my feet were just stinging and hurting so much.  I came back home, i had to stop for a few minutes to rest my feet along the way, and i wasn’t happy when i got home.  After that my feet have been hurting, especially my left ankle.  I was practically limping all day Monday and Tuesday.  Maybe walking isn’t for me or maybe i need better shoes or something.  Either way I need to figure out something.  Maybe sword play or chopping wood.  Who knows…any suggestions anyone?

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