Once again on Black Naturism.

Over the last year a lot of people have spoken to me about starting our own group for black nudist/naturist.  The biggest suggestion was Facebook.  I was willing to start a group but then i got comments from people saying Facebook was real iffy about nudity on a members page.  Then there are also security issues, spam, and God knows what else.  So i opted to use Experience Project.  I even started a group called “I Am A Black Naturist” on Experience Project and so far i only have six people including myself, and 4 stories, two of which are by me.  SO the Experience Project group is something of a wash.  I was thinking about making a Yahoo Group, but i’d have to monitor it constantly.

So i was at a total loss, until today.  What i am thinking about doing is starting a new WordPress blog.  One for black naturists and naturists of color in general.  But there is one hitch, I need support.  Not financial, but activity.  In other words I’ll need people to follow and post.  I can’t do it all on my own so everyone will have to help.  Now to start helping me here’s what you have to do: reply to this post.  I get enough people saying this is a great idea or have suggestions for another idea and i’ll see what i can do.

12 thoughts on “Once again on Black Naturism.

  1. Hello, I think this is a great idea and I will definitely participate. My background is in Info Research, so I can also help find others online who are looking for this type of information and would like to participate. I’ll send you a direct email in the coming days about this. TTYL.

  2. Thanks for putting it out there, brother. I am also an African American naturist (AANR member and part time nudist for the last couple of years). As a married Christian, churchgoer, and a member of an African American family and community, I can attest to the fact that many of us are still clothes minded, and are still trained to incorrectly associate nudity with sexuality. I think much of this unhealthy and unnatural clothes minded ideology was historically enforced upon us to further alienate us from the socially unifying holistic naturism of our African cultural roots. In addition there is the profoundly insidious influence of the textile industry which once physically enslaved our bodies to pick cotton, now economically enslaves our minds to squander our resources on useless fashion obsessions, and currently enslaves millions of men women and children overseas as unseen underpaid sweatshop workers stitching together the clothes on our backs. Naturism is liberating, and that scares some people. I have had the privilege on rare occasion to meet other African Americans at naturist venues, but we’re still (to use a winter sports analogy) like pepper on snow. I think once we truly reclaim our heritage in love and appreciation, and decide to take the wheel and live with conscious self determination there will be many more of us unafraid and unashamed to be as naked and natural as God made us. Hope we get there.

  3. These things take time to build traction and be impressed upon the collective mind. I’d recommend posting about your efforts and experiences on well established reputable naturist websites such as http://www.aanr.com, and http://www.naturist.com (you may find many of your “you had me at hello” crowd there) as well as posting on popular African American social activities websites. It’s a conversation starter at the very least.

  4. Late getting into here but leave it to me to point out the obvious: If you want to do a Facebook Page, just don’t post nude pics. It’s that simple. FB isn’t a website where you have your galleries, if that’s what you want. It’s a fast, fresh place to drop quick comments, share news stories, network with other sites, and most of all it’s a promotional tool for steering people to your website. LOTS of people! You don’t need nudie pics for that, not if you offer good content. Skin draws them in but it doesn’t keep them.

    All Nudist was doing just fine for a little nudist blog before FB, and we’d do just fine without it. But, and it’s a big but (stop snickering!), it has brought tens of thousands of visitors to our website via links to our articles posted (and shared) on FB. That’s a lot of people!

    My recommendation would be to continue to build a great website while building a following on FB that you can bring to your site. That’s what FB works best for, bringing people to where you really want them. Good luck with whatever you do, and be sure to keep us informed so we can pass it along…to our 3,500 Facebook fans!

      • They’re different animals. FB is good for people to people contact and discussion plus is great for getting your name spread around via sharing, but a lousy platform for blogging. Plus there is always the risk of being kicked out.

        Biggest problem is that ANYONE can report you for no reason at all and FB takes their word for it. There are no human moderators, the machine automatically responds to complaints without verify that there is indeed something improper posted. Usually it is pics that are reported but many have had their accounts blocked or deleted for TEXT ‘violations’ such as dissing FB in a comment!

        WP is a great platform; your biggest problem is getting discovered. You need to stick in one place, post regularly (at least once a week, the more the better), participate in discussions on other websites (using your website name), find a ‘ring’ or two to join, get on Tumblr, Stiumbleupon, Google+, Twitter… as many social media as you can. Example: http://allnudist.wordpress.com/all-nudist-everywhere/ You can set a lot of these up so that your WP posts go directly to ALL of them at once. EZ!

        Then post, post, post. If you have nothing to say, post a summery and link to another article somewhere else. Posting and promotion are the keys. An average day will bring us about 1500 visitors, a couple hundred from FB alone. When I feel like it and push a little harder I can drive that to over 4,000/day! Get the picture?

        And excuse my ignorance but, is THIS your main site now? I seem to remember another besides the social one. I posted this page and another yesterday on FB but I’m not sure if they’re both yours or not!

        Again, good luck and feel free to message me (FB is best for me) if I can be of help. I believe in what yo’re trying to do and wish you success. We’ve just got to get you noticed!


      • Oh yeah, that’s the one I’ve gotten flak on for sharing. I keep telling people to READ THE TEXT to understand, but all they do is look at the pics and scream PORN!!!

        To be fair to them, the text IS quite hard to read, plus some folks don’t have enough attention span to read and comprehend at the same time!

      • That’s just my opinion. Dark backgrounds with light text can be difficult for some people to focus on though it makes for a dramatic presentation. One of my first sites was white on black since I wanted to make an impact. Now when I go back and look at it I wish I’d done it differently. Unfortunately, I lost the password years ago!

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