What a week!

OI!!  Last week was insane!  My parents went to San Antonio to take my nephew to see his father for Spring Break.  They left me with the dog.  So i was trucking back and forth to my parents house since April 1st.  To make matters more complex i was short on money until the third and then had to run a paper route for a friend from April 6 until April 9.  I couldn’t get to sleep any of the four nights I worked and every other day my extended family was bugging me about keeping the grass cut.  Geez!  I have a lot on my plate even if i am unemployed!  And to top it off i have a toothache, due to the fact that i have a cavity that has rotted a hole in my tooth.  I went to the dentist right after i got off work and just a exam and a quick look in my mouth cost me 156 bucks!!!!  I had to set up a payment plan for that and then had to spend some money on the antibiotics and pain meds.  So for today i have taken all day just sleeping, resting, and clearing my mind.  But i have this crazy idea for a quick photo project, but it will cost me some money, but the idea is just burning a hole in my brain so it looks like I’ll do it.

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