Yes i am pissed.  About what you ask?  Lights.  I have my computer in a separate room.  Mainly because i like a clutter free room and to reduce EM radiation.  Well about a year ago to light fixture in the ceiling of this room burned out and i had to go and spend more then 35 bucks over said year buying bulbs and lamps to illuminate the room at night.  So why am i so pissed?  This house is really old so what my grandparents did is that they installed these auxiliary light bulb sockets in every light fixture so they could reach up and pull a string to turn on the lights.  yeah the house is that old.  I thought the light fixture and socket itself was burned out or messed up somehow so i went out and bought a stand up lamp with two lights in it and a lamp with a clamp on it to place over my computer desk so i could see at night.  Well today i looked at the original light fixture and suddenly had a thought: “What if it’s this auxiliary light socket?”  So i pulled the auxiliary out (which is probably as old if not older then me) and found a spare that was in the kitchen drawer which was never even taken out of the package and screwed it in and it worked.  I was and still am pissed.  I spent all that time, money and angst over a damn auxiliary fixture!  Now i can’t return the lamps i have bought or the light bulbs and i feel like a fool.  But at least i have a adequate light source again.  Now i have to decide weather i want to unplug and put away the lamps.  *SIGH*


  1. LOL! Now that you’ve gotten iTHATout of your system, you can take time to laugh at yourself and thank your lucky stars that the worst thing you have to worry about is returning a floor lamp!

    Aren’t we people funny? Here we sit with a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, pounding on our computers letting the world know how tough life is while half the planet starves and the other half is at war with each other!

    But that’s the human condition and if there’s a God in Heaven, it’s probably the reason we were created: To provide endless amusement as we gripe about the wonderful chance at life we’ve been given because… it’s not perfect!

    We wish you well, my friend, and may all of life’s troubles be as easily resolved as returning something that we didn’t need to buy in the first place! 😉

    • LOL. Yeah i just needed to get that out of my system at the moment. Since i’ve been dealing with that light for more then a year now. But i am blessed and thanks for helping me realize that.

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