tumblr and some thoughts

Well I’ll be posting this on both blogs.  Whats going on is that I’ve noticed several of the people i follow also have a tumblr.  It seems that tumblr is a great, simple way to post your photographs and art without too much hassle.  I am seriously thinking of doing this so my art can get more exposure.  But i am worried about people stealing my art for porn purposes.  Also i have been thinking about doing more sensual and maybe even erotic photography.  The reason for this is because I’m beginning to see that some of my hang-ups are more along the lines of arrogance and fear, more then actual artistic stubbornness.  I’ll think about it some more before i do.  But what i really want is some feedback from others on this.

3 thoughts on “tumblr and some thoughts

  1. Yeah, people will steal them and use them for…whatever. That’s the web. If you have intentions of selling your own work you can watermark them. If you’re just sharing other stuff you’ve ‘stolen’ then who cares? Either way, you cannot control what happens to ANYTHING you put online, so you might as well get used to it.

    Timbplr is great for images, that’s about all I see. Of course, most of the people I see are guys posting pics of naked women! Comes with the territory. Lots of erotic and porn there, you needn’t be concerned about what you post in that regard.. It’s a good place for exposure but not for blogging, text takes up too much space and I don’t think anybody there reads anyway! 😉

      • Oh yeah, I just remembered. You could set up a gallery here on WP then post on Tumblr with the pics linked to here. That gets you the exposure that Tumblr provides plus brings folks here where you have something to say!

        It’s also possible to set things up so that WP posts go directly to Facebook (watch out for pics there) then from there to Twitter and from there to other free online newspaper-type things. One article goes all over the place automatically. Add a static Blogger page sending people here too. Now THAT’S networking!

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