A Blessing On Father’s Day Eve.

I was down to two dollars today after buying everything i needed for the house and such.  I thought i had enough to buy a Father’s Day Card.  I went to CVS today (just got back a few minutes ago) and when i was in the card section it was obvious that all the cards were too much for my measly 2 dollars.  A woman and her daughter were standing right beside me as i griped to myself about my lack of funds.  I felt really bad about it, because a card was the least i could do for my dad.  I was kneeling, looking at what i knew to be the cheapest cards, and i realized that I couldn’t get one.  I stood up, ready to go home when the lady said, “Here’s two dollars, get your Dad a card for me.”  I was almost in tears, I picked a good card out, thanked and hugged her, and headed to the register.  It was truly a blessing, so i decided to take a picture of the card to remind me of this woman’s kindness.

Thank God i met this woman and that i was blessed by her kindness.

Happy Father’s Day everyone.

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