Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare.

Welp that’s it!  We’re done!  So what’s next Obama?  Declare that for the good of America we all need RF ID chips installed?  I’m sure you can pass that under the commerce clause as well.  I cannot fucking believe this.  Do we even have a Constitution in this country anymore?  We have no other choice but to depend on the general election and Mitt Romney.  Oh God I pray he wins because we are so screwed right now!

2 thoughts on “Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare.

  1. The constitutionality of the law has been upheld by the highest court in the land, so on what grounds will it be repealed–because you don’t like it? If that type of position is adopted, we are looking at chaos in this country. It would mean that any existing or future canon or act could be dismantled simply because a political party does not like it. So, hold onto your seat because some laws that now allow your website, may be banished and in bringing about that change, identify your status as a criminal for doing what you do. At this point, I do not know enough of the hundreds and hundreds of pages that comprise this law, so, I will wait before I pass judgement. I would not banish it. If I do not like it, I will just get used to it the same way that so many people did who initially hated Social Security when it was introduced.

    • Well i dislike the law because i felt it allowed the government to intrude on our rights and liberties. Now what i see from what Justice Roberts said, it is interesting.

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