How not to write a good article.

Yeah I have to admit I’ve turned into a Grammar Nazi on this one.

Why Naturalist Photography Has Nothing to Do With Pornography

I started reading this article and i have admit it was one of the most atrocious things I’ve ever read.  Bad grammar, bad writing and it didn’t really address the topic at all.  In fact the entire blog seems to be written badly.  And I was really hoping to get some tips from it.

Also on another note since I am talking about blogs I finally realized I don’t need a separate page for every post of a certain type.  That’s what the tag/category cloud is for.  This means I can finally clean up this blog a little more.

2 thoughts on “How not to write a good article.

  1. lol! And while we’re on the subject, ‘I’ should be capitalized… And didn’t you mean to say, ‘most atrocious’? “Judge not lest Ye be judged!” I stopped being so critical of others’ writing after I looked back at some of my own! 😉

    Yeah, that site’s baaaad!

    I looked at a few of the other ‘posts’ and such on that site and can only assume someone has translated a bunch of stuff from another language using Google Translate, or something. It’s total nonsense. Usually you find this sort of thing on pages just to get listed in search results and bring people to ad sites, but there are no ads here. Maybe someone has a real site somewhere which translates and sends postings here, dunno.

    WordPress can be an awesome tool if you work at learning it. They don’t have a very good way to learn it that I’ve found, mostly just the forums (good luck there!). Better off asking Google if you want to learn how to do something right. Our new site is a lot more complicated than the old WP one but even still, it’s manageable with some effort. Barely! It uses the same WP platform that I’m used to, and that helps a lot.

    Here’s a link to some good videos I just ran across and learned some things from:

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