Sad photo set.

This photo set is kind of a sad one.  My neighbor across the street was a selfish, miserable woman who had just turned 59.  She had burned bridges with all of her family including her own kids, and she had been sickly for some time after recovering from cancer.  A neighbor and I would go by there every few days to check on her.  We were about the only people who tolerated her and felt sorry enough for her to try to be of some help.  She chained smoked and stayed in her house all day.

Well about two weeks after her death i noticed the flowers and bushes outside her house were blooming.  I’ve been living here three years now and i never saw those flowers and bushes bloom while she was alive.  It made me wonder was this a sign that she was in Heaven?  Or was it a sign that the world was better off without her?  It’s sad to think about either way.

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