Sorry for being away so long.

Well I’ve had my reasons.  Life often can keep one busy even when self-employed.  First of all, for about two months I had a severe toothache.  And i was popping pain pills in order to deal with it.  My parents finally intervened and i went to a cheap extraction dentist in town.  Got the tooth pulled and x-rays for about 120 dollars.  So thank God that’s over.  During this I also had car trouble and that took $300 to fix and that took a month to get done.  I’ve also been looking for work, not much has panned out and I don’t have enough gas to do a lot of running around.  To top it off my new government phone gets terrible signal where i live so i can barely call anyone to look for work.  And finally i went and bought the game Borderlands 2 earlier this month and I’ve been playing that almost obsessively.  Its a good game.  And now I have a gum-ache, yeah a gum-ache and thankfully its not very painful but I’m starting to wonder what the hell is going on inside my mouth.  Its been a crazy three months.

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