A strange sort of tooth.

Once again I’ve been away for a few weeks.  The reason i am posting now is for the sake of memory, I need to have this all written down somewhere so if something pops up i can have this post as a memory, and maybe a warning or something.

As you saw in one of my posts i’ve had a gum-ache for a few days, well its gotten worse since then and up until today i have been taking Aleve, Ibuprofen, and Codine to deal with the pain.  I wasn’t sleeping well and i had to eat a lot or else the pain would start to flare up even when i was on pills.  It was so strange, debilitating, and depressing.  Once more i was at the mercy of pain and i didn’t have much of a life.

The dentist that i went to couldn’t tell what was causing the pain so i went and got a second opinion.  The opinion of said second dentist was that a wisdom tooth that was buried under my gum and laying at a 45 degree angle was most likely scraping a nerve and causing the pain where there hadn’t been a tooth in years.  And yes surgery was the only way to remove it.

To make matters worse there seemed to be no sign of infection or any other problems that could be causing my pain, so this tooth was the only idea they could come up with.  A idea that will cost $705 to remove.  Yeah $705.  So now i sit here wondering if this is all worth it.  If this doesn’t work I’ll be in pain again and no solution will be forthcoming.  I’ll have spent $705 of my parents’ money for nothing.  And no refunds will be given…probably.

So what do i do, to add a tinge of weirdness to this who debacle i am no longer in any pain.  I haven’t taken anything in 12 hours and i know the pain meds must have worn off.  The reason i know is because 2 Aleve only lasted 8 hours at best, and one and a half Codine only lasted 4 to 5 hours at best.  I took two Aleve this morning and I am three hours and a few minutes past the 8 hour mark, but no pain, none.  Well scratch that, as i write this right now i just felt the slightest twinge of pain and nothing else since.

Oh and here’s where it actually gets bad.  If the nerve gets bruised or damaged somehow during surgery i could lose most of the feeling in my left lower jaw for quite some time!  All the way to my lower lip.  WTF?!?!  Oh and i can’t sue because i signed a form that i understand the risks and all.  Geez!  Not that I’m looking to sue or anything but still GEEZ!  What am i about to ask my parents to pay for?!

So I’m wracked with doubt, guilt, and no assurance whatsoever.  After I eat I will probably take some more Aleve, just wait, and pray.  I have surgery at 7:30 A.M. tomorrow so i can’t eat or drink anything after 12 A.M. tonight, and as i mentioned the pain pills seem to wear off if i start to get seriously hungry.  My only hope is i sleep until about 5:45 A.M. and can make it through until the surgery.  So I’m going to stuff food down my gut until i go to sleep which may be in the next hour or two.

After the surgery I’ll be out of it for the rest of Friday and maybe some of Saturday.  Suffice to say, Friday will be a total blur and I’ll have almost no memory of that day at all.  Saturday will hopefully be better.  I can only pray for the best.  I feel like I’m writing some kind of last will and testament here, but i know its just for memories sake, so I’ll know and understand why i did what i did and what the consequences are.  I’ll post a update as i feel better or feel the need to.  Just keep me in your prayers folks.  I am going to need them.

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