A week has passed.

As you all know from my last post i got my tooth pulled on Friday of last week.  The surgery went well and no nerve damage so far.  The time after the surgery was quite painful because the Codine I was prescribed didn’t work and i had to call my brother for advice.  He recommended Motrin IB for my pain and it worked flawlessly.  Since then i have been taking antibiotics to insure there’s no infection and i have been taking two Motrin every 4 to 6 hours.  The pain and swelling have subsided greatly but i still have a little of both, so on occasion i still take a couple of Motrin when i get annoyed with the little bit of pain I’m experiencing.  I was getting frustrated by Friday of this week and my Mom had to remind me that healing can take more time then expected so i needed to be patient.  To add fuel to the fire two other teeth that have cavities have begun to bother on and off.  Thankfully the pain is very minor.

But these last 8 days have caused me to have a great deal on introspection on my life and my situation at the moment.  For one I need to get a credit card for financial emergencies.  I do not want to have to go through the headache and misery of hoping i can find someone to treat my teeth when I don’t have any money, so a credit card for just such emergencies has become a priority for me.

Well i don’t feel like rambling on, i just wanted to update anyone who had read this and was concerned.  Take care every one and all.

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